Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where I buy intramax

My friends keep asking me where I go to buy intramax. I've got to tell them the truth. I don't leave my home. I really like to shop on the internet. A few years ago a friend (OK Mike, I'll give you the credit here) hooked me up with www.earthturns.com ever since then I've been buying intraMAX at earthturns.com

Now, the big why. Answer, simple. Whomever these people are at EarthTurns.com, they are amazing. I love the phone support and the shipping has always been fast. But the MAIN REASON i buy intramax from these guys is that they are the only company that actually packs the bottle so it doesn't bounce around in the box during shipping. I've never gotten a dented bottle and it's always packed nice and tight.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

why is intraMAX so expensive?

Many people ask "why is intraMAX so expensive"? The short answer is, because it's worth it. But basically, there is not another multivitamin supplement that has the number of ingredients as does intraMAX.

It's not just that there are 415 nutrients in this amazing liquid vitamin supplement. The research that went into this supplement, and the quality of the ingredients are also other factors.

Don't let the price stop you. After all, what's your health worth? Thousands of people every month choose intraMAX and it's because they want what's best for their body.

If you're looking for a less expensive option, try their intraMAX travel size.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

intraMax Ingredient Review

intraMax and Inositol

intraMAX is one of the most complete multi-vitamins on the market.  It contains all the vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients that the body needs.  The nutrients in intraMAX work throughout the entire body, and they can help to support the cardiovascular system, bones, respiratory system, and the body's various tissues.  With all these beneficial nutrients it can be easy to overlook many of them.  Inositol is a great nutrient that can help to support the brain, and it is one of the many nutrients in intraMAX that doesn't get the fanfare it deserves.

Inositol starts by supporting the brain at the cellular level.  It may help to maintain healthy cellular membranes, and this is essential to keeping a healthy and full functioning brain.  By supporting the cell membranes, inositol helps the body to slow down the speed of cognitive decline.

Inositol helps to maintain a good mood, and studies have shown that it can help with depression.  Some researchers also believe that inositol might help with bipolar disorder, but more research is still needed to confirm this.  The reason why inositol is so beneficial to the psyche and brain is because it helps the body to produce serotonin.  Serotonin is used to support the transmission of nerve impulses, and it can also be used by the body to help make melatonin.  Melatonin helps the body to get quality sleep, and it can help to manage a normal sleep cycle.  Serotonin also helps the brain to curb anger and aggression, and it can help to keep a balanced mood.

Inositol may also help to lower cholesterol levels.  It is used by the body to help produce lecithin, which is used by the body to breakdown fats.  It can help to fight the buildup of plaque and fatty deposits in the arteries, and therefore it could help to lower cholesterol.

Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complications in diabetics.  Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage that is caused by excessively high blood sugar levels.  Inositol can help the body to support nerve function, and it may help with diabetic neuropathy.  Although it won't cure diabetic neuropathy, it could help.
intraMAX is truly an incredible product that contains a wide range of nutrients.  Many of these nutrients are unknown to many people, but it is important to educate yourself on these nutrients.  Inositol is a wonderful ingredient that can help to benefit the brain, and it can help to balance the mood, support feelings of well being, and support the sleep cycle.  Inositol can even help to support the cardiovascular system, and it may help with diabetic neuropathy.  Inositol is just one of the hundreds of reasons why intraMAX is an amazing multi-vitamin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

intraMAX is the complete liquid vitamin supplement by Drucker Labs. This video explains why intraMAX is the BEST LIQUID VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT available.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Benefits of intraMAX

Someone asked me the other day, "if you could give me specific benefits to convince me to take intraMAX, what would these benefits be?"

I have no problem answering that because I know that taking intraMAX will give health consumers at least four specific benefits:

Benefit # 1: Supplies energy.

No matter how fit and healthy we are, we could use extra reserves of energy to help us deal with the daily stress. Like it or not, we live on the fast lane (and some of us aren’t aware just how fast that lane is) and this alone imposes the need for extra fuel. This extra reserve of energy is possible only if cell activity and proper respiration are achieved, two things which intraMAX delivers. So if someone’s cellular mechanisms are sluggish, intraMAX liquid vitamin would fix that right away.

Benefit # 2: Protects cells.

One of the best features of intraMAX is its ability to work on the cellular level. The manufacturers – Drucker Labs of Texas – use a proprietary technology called CellV™ Technology. This technology works in three distinct ways (which no other health supplement can match, by the way):
  • Restores pH balance in the human body
  • Makes the absorption of vitamins, enzymes and glyco-nutrients more efficient
  • Stabilizes body hydration

Benefit # 3: Eliminates toxins

It is during the work that intraMAX performs at the cellular level that toxins are prevented from building up. When it detects unusually high toxic levels, it reduces them to a considerable degree. Note what I said in one of my earlier blogs: intraMax was formulated with living organic carbons without the use of high heat. These substances are also chelated so that the body accepts and can absorb them. Chelation enables the human body not to reject them as foreign matter.

Benefit # 4: Generates well-being

This general wellness comes as a result of good absorption of our carbohydrate intake, a strong anti-inflammatory reaction, and good neutralization of free radicals. In fact, the 415 nutrients contained in a bottle of intraMAX do the "prep work" for reinforcing our immune system in fighting these free radicals.

Most people who take health supplements often complain about a strange or "metallic" taste. Drucker Labs took care of this problem. It has introduced natural tropical flavors to give intraMAX a more pleasing, delicious taste.

These four are just a few of the many benefits one can enjoy from including intraMAX into their health routine.

MORE intraMAX information.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

intraMAX - Importance of Minerals

Let's talk about the importance of minerals.

When speaking about the benefits of intraMax, the subject of minerals inevitably comes up.
Somehow a lot of people are under the impression that because they take vitamins, they should also be taking colloidal and ionic minerals.

What exactly are these minerals and why are they being recommended to people who are pale or who are lethargic?

First off, people should be advised against taking colloidal or ionic minerals, even if they look sick and pale. These minerals have no organic properties which means they don't contain organic carbon. Second, colloidal and ionic minerals are mostly inorganic carbonates such as shale and dead plant matter. Third, if taken indefinitely, these minerals could do more harm than good.

In the short term, however, these types of minerals may appear to do some good because there will be small and noticeable improvements in health, but after about three months of ingesting them, the body begins to experience toxic levels. There is a toxic build-up because the body can no longer break down inorganic elements. Eventually they are disguised as fat and are permanently "parked" in our body.

So what is an ionic mineral?

From the term "ionic", think "ion." An atom or molecule turns into an ion when it is electrically charged. Electrically charged means that the atom or molecule has gained (or lost) electrons. Note that an atom or molecule should have an equal number of protons and electrons. The electrical charging takes place because the number of electrons in the atom does not match the number of protons. An ion therefore is an atom or molecule that is either positively or negatively charged.

All organic or inorganic minerals are electrically charged - whether positive or negative.
The term "ionic mineral" has unfortunately been used within health supplement circles rather loosely. The only time an ionic mineral presents advantages is when the stomach has a pH of 7. But this pH number is very rare. This is because our modern diet contains plenty of unhealthy substances. These unhealthy substances upset the pH balance of our bodies.
As for colloidal minerals, they are substances that have two distinct elements: a dispersing agent and a continuous agent. Both agents constitute a phase.

Let me explain: a colloid forms when one mixture blends (or disperses) with another substance. And while a colloid can disperse, it does not dissolve. Ever notice that when you combine solutions, most or all of the particles in each solution dissolve? Because colloids do not dissolve, they remain suspended forever. They do not sink to the bottom nor do they rise. A colloid therefore is inorganic - it is dead, artificial and does not have any living carbon.

People are discouraged from taking colloidal minerals for these reasons:
  • Due to their size and weight , they cannot be absorbed into intestinal walls and cells
  • The body recognizes them as foreign substances because the cells automatically reject them
  • They accumulate as unhealthy fatty tissue.

Now that you know about ionic and colloidal minerals, you must be a little wary when some dietary supplements claim to contain them.

Instead, consider intraMax. Drucker Labs, the makers of intraMax wanted to develop a product that would make up for the lack of effectiveness of colloidal and ionic minerals by delivering only organic living carbon - minerals.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Questions About intraMAX

I'd like to address two questions that some people have asked me about intraMAX.

Question # 1: Can intraMAX be recommended to someone who is allergic to iron?

Question # 2: Why was intraMAX formulated as a liquid instead of in powder or capsule form?

These are perfectly legitimate questions, so let me answer them right away. As to the iron allergy: yes, it is true that intraMAX contains iron, but the wonderful part about it is that the iron is coated in carbon. In fact, all the 415 nutrients that this multivitamin supplement contains are safely coated in carbon. There was one reason why Drucker Labs introduced this carbon coating.

One, it makes absorption by the body a lot easier. Two, Drucker Labs have a proprietary technology called IntraCell™ V Technology. It consists of a three stage process which I mentioned in an earlier blog. Stage 3 of this process transforms inorganic components into 100% Organic microcomplexed™ nutrition. As soon as the conversion takes place, the technology facilitates the delivery of true organics to our cells.

As for question 2, intraMAX was developed in liquid form because it was the only way to maintain the product's organic quality. Note that heat is NOT used in the manufacturing of intraMAX. You may not be aware of it but numerous medicines and dietary supplements are manufactured with high heat. What's the disadvantage of this? It necessitates the addition of preservatives, artificial substances and other types of chemicals.

Drucker Labs had another reason to choose the liquid form: the body can absorb it quickly into the bloodstream. By getting into the bloodstream quickly, the body receives the nutrients sooner, allowing intraMAX to do its work.

Since we're talking about preservatives, I want to point out that it does not use flow agents, binders, wheat or yeast, artificial coloring, soy, corn, gluten or fillers.

You have the assurance that no matter how sensitive you are, intraMAX is allergy-proof, making it a safe product for 99% of the population. Of course, if you're on special medication for any heart, kidney or liver disorder, or if you're pregnant or nursing, you will have to ask your doctor about taking intraMAX.

intraMAX FAQ